Partners in Life

Axel & Tucker - This is a happy working team!  These two have become quite the pair - each knowing the other has their back.  (Tucker is a Brittany, and a happy, sweet dog.  Thank you to his puppy raisers Nick & Emily, his name Sponsors, Lorette, Todd & Sherry)


We LOVE our military men and women - Axel Thank YOU for your service.   We enjoy our freedom every single day - because of men and women like you.

Griffin & Leo  are doing great together!  Griffy (as Leo now calls him) is happy and loves to snuggle.   They are working well together - going comfortably out and about and meeting new people and  visiting new places.  (Griffin is a Brittany, Thank you to his puppy raisers, Lorette & Todd, who were also his name sponsors)   We would also like to thank Paw Pals Assistance Dogs for handling this long distance placement.   What a team!


Maddy and Leo were just meant to be together.  This team is very in-tune with each other and the bond was instant.  Leo has already made a huge difference in Maddy's life.  Leo will be attending school with Maddy this Fall.  We think Maddy will be accompanied by the best looking boy in school!  Leo (Leonitus)  is a Goldendoodle and his name sponsors are friends of the Lincoln Family.


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