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We provide highly trained dogs to those with disabilities.  Having an assistance dog can change a person’s life!  These dogs provide their person greater independence, unconditional love and companionship. Just imagine being out in public and no one truly making eye contact with you, perhaps even avoiding you.  Now change that scenario to going out with a service dog! Some are drawn to a friendly face…yes both the face of the person with the disability and their wonderful service dog!   These amazing dogs can open doors to smiles and conversations.


Deafinitely Dogs! is a nonprofit 501(c)(3).  Assistance Dogs are provided to approved applicants at no charge.  We rely on donations to meet the costs of placing and training our dogs.  Each approved applicant is expected to participate in fund raising.    

A little bit about just some of our       amazing dogs!

Meet Grace!  She is a Golden Retriever. Grace is one of our canine ambassadors.  She is being trained as a PTSD service dog also.  She happily attends our speaking events, meetings and conferences!  If you would like Grace and Deafinitely Dogs! come visit or speak to your organization please email us!

This is Fury!  He is a Standard Poodle.  Can you see him?  He's almost camoflauged against the carpet!  Fury is a standard poodle with the phantom color pattern  .  We think he is quite handsome!  This guy is happily working as a SDiT and a canine ambassador - he attends most Deafinitely Dogs! events.

Sage - This pretty girl is another of our Chilbrook labradors.  She is a fully trained DAD (Diabetic Alert Dog)

Meet Harper!  She comes to us from Chillbrook Labradors.  We are thrilled to have this little girl as part of our breeding and demonstration program.  Harper comes from generations of health tested dogs!  She also has a pedigree full of working sniffer dogs, going all the way back to the 1960's.  She was bred to be healthy and have a superior work ethic.  She is super smart!

Miss Mindy is our first black labrador!  So far, they've all been yellow.  She is so smart and quick to learn.  Mindy is a fun puppy who loves water - we have to watch her near the water bowls in the office or she will play in them:)  Mindy is a canine ambassador and SDiT.  

Hi Mollie! (Name sponsor - Quota Intl Cedar Rapids)  Mollie is a SDiT who is being raised by our puppy raisers Nick and Emily.  She is being sponsored by Quota of Cedar Rapids.   Isn't she cute in her raincoat!

Mr. Thomas (aka Tommy)   He is being raised by our puppy raisers Debi and John.  He is sponsored by Paul and Diane.  Tommy is one handsome and smart pup!

The is Bear (affectionately know as Fozzie Bear) is a DAD (Diabetic Alert Dog) in training.  Bear is such a good pup and loves attending speaking events for Deafinitely Dogs!  

This is Griffin!  He is a Brittany and a recent graduate!  You can learn more about Griffin on our "Graduate Team Page"

Hello Ginger!  Ginger is a standard poodle which is good for people with allergies.  She is being raised by puppy raisers Walt and Betty and is sponsored by Quota of CR.  Ginger is a smart and energetic girl!

Sweet Tucker!  Tucker loves to pay attention and learn.  He was a joy to train and has been partnered with his person!

Joiner (name sponsor Quota Intl Cedar Rapids) is a phantom standard poodle - which means he is marked like a doberman with black and tan markings.  He is being raised by Brittany, Charlie and Sawyer and is sponsored by Quota of CR.  He is a big, sturdy puppy - maybe he will grow up to be a mobility assist dog!

Toxi (Name Sponsors, Jordan Family) - Yellow Labrador-  This little girl is full of life!  She is learning her basic obedience and public manners.

Katy (Name sponsor Rhine Family) - This little girl can do a perfect bear rug impersonation!  She can lay almost completely flat and just relax:)

J.J. (AKA Hornet - Named sponsor the Hornstein Family)  - Talk about Mr. Cutie Pie!   This little guy is growing into quite the handsome young dog!

Dayton (Name sponsor Grainger Foundation) - Yellow Labrador - Talk about a sweet puppy.  This little guy will just hang out and snuggle with his puppy raisers.  

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