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A lot of time goes into training an assistance dog.  It truly starts before birth, with a purposeful breeding program.  From the time the puppy is born to the time he/she becomes part of a team takes about 24 months.  Below is a brief timeline of this process:


  • Ø  Puppies are born and go to puppy raisers at around 8 weeks old
  • Ø  Puppies stay with puppy raisers and are taught basic obedience, socialized and mature both mentally and physically until 14-16 months old
  • Ø  Young dogs leave their raisers and come to Deafinitely Dogs! for individualized training.  This training can take between 6-12 months.  Training time depends on what type of assistance dog is being trained, typically facility and hearing dogs can be trained in 6-9 months, service dogs typically average 12 months.
  • Ø  Dogs and individuals are matched and begin a 1-2 week training program.  This will determine if the team is a good match, for both the dog and the person.  If all goes well, the new team bonds, works well together and begins a lifelong relationship!
  • Ø  After team training Deafinitely Dogs! has a weekly call for the next four weeks to check progress and answer any questions
  • Ø  Deafinitely Dogs! schedules monthly calls for the first year to answer questions and address any training issues
  • Ø  After the teams have been together for 6-12 months Deafinitely Dogs! will do home visit to make sure the team has developed into a working team – bonded with each other and happy.
  • Ø  We are here for the entire life of the team.  Ongoing training is imperative to long term success. We can help via email, phone calls and when necessary home visits.  

Where does Deafinitely Dogs! get our dogs and what breed(s) do we use?


Deafinitely Dogs! chooses carefully and purposefully bred dogs for our training program, whenever possible.   We select puppies that come from parents that have health testing (OFA & Cerf), preferring generations of health testing, and that have outstanding temperaments.  We typically use Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers in our program, as these dogs seem to thrive and work happily.  On occasion we have other breeds such as Poodles, German Shepherds and some smaller breeds. 


We also have wonderful relationships with several rescue organizations.  These rescue groups are always on the lookout for dogs that meet our criteria.  When we are notified there is a dog/puppy available,  Deafinitely Dogs!  will gladly help out a pup in need and evaluate them for our training program.


All dogs are chosen by Deafinitely Dogs!  based on our clients specific needs, allergies, and living situation.   Clients do not choose the dog/breed/sex/color of their assistance dog.

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