Facility Dogs

Facility dogs are highly trained dogs who partner with a facilitator, director, teacher, counselor, attorney and psychologists/doctors, to name a few… Facility Dogs do not live in the facility but go home with their handler each day.  


These dogs help in a variety of environments such as health care, court houses - helping children or other vulnerable witnesses comfortable while testifying,  residential care facilities, educational settings - special needs classrooms, new readers, behavior classrooms, school counselors, etc... 

These dogs are highly trained and well behaved.  They offer warm fuzzy friendship in many different situations.


 Facility Dogs in educational enviornments may be a non-judgmental helper that a new reader reads out loud to,  In behavior classrooms - just having a dog in the classroom can lower undesirable behaviors up to a thirty percent.   Facility Dogs can offer consistency to children who may not have that at home.


 Facility Dogs in Health Care enviornments assist with therapies and increase compliance with medcations and appointment attendance.   Dogs are used in Animal Assisted Therapy in which results are measured and attainable.  These dogs works with all types of patients and therapies:  Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehab, etc.  Asking patients to brush, collar, walk (with assistance), speak commands, and interact with the dog in a positive way have proven results!


Facility Dogs in a Court House or legal enviornment can give a person who has experienced trauma the strength and courage to testify, these dogs offer consistency for kids in our family care systems, non judgemental and unconditional love for those who are fragile.  


Facility Dogs also offer tremendous benefits to the staff of each of these enviornments also!


A well-mannered and highly trained facility dog heartens feelings of calm, security and unconditional love! EMAIL for information about our Facility Dogs:  info@deafinitelydogs.org

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