Meet Grace: Ambassador for Deafinitely Dogs!

Meet Grace: Ambassador for Deafinitely Dogs!

A mentor for other puppies

As an ambassador dog, Grace advocates for the program and assists in training other puppies but will not be paired with a human. Puppies typically look to more mature dogs to learn how to perform their tasks. Being a very neutral, happy-go-lucky dog, Grace can learn to do tasks and teach new dogs and puppies that are otherwise struggling to learn.

Welcoming kids are her special skill

While puppies mimic Grace, her skills extend to children who are going through the process of being paired with a service dog. Sometimes these children are apprehensive to interact with a larger breed dog, so Grace fills in and helps these kids build confidence and trust. From brushing and walking to learning to rely on Grace’s skills and intuition, she helps children of all ages overcome fear and instead instill trust in dogs. We’re so fortunate to have Grace as a member of our team, advocating for the miracle that is service dogs.

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