Meaning Behind SDiT Teigen’s Name

Meaning Behind SDiT Teigen’s Name

Names are important. They tell the world who you are, they might give a clue to your heritage, your people, or have special meaning to those who loved you first.

Each of our dogs are named in honor, memory or for some other special reason.

This little one has a very special name. Her name is Teigen and she shares that with a boy who lost his battle with brain cancer. Teigen’s dad told us all about his boy. What a special young man! He said Teigen was one of those kids that did things without being asked twice. He was sweet, well liked by his classmates and loved sports.

We told him about Puppy Teigen’s personality, that she is bold and brave, without being hyper, curious, happy, spunky and so smart! After talking, it seems both puppy and boy share not only a name, but also personality traits.

We hope Puppy Teigen brings a bit of puppy joy to Teigen’s family! She is lovely pup, we love her and her name!


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