SDiT Identifies Objects: Learn How!

SDiT Identifies Objects: Learn How!

Watch the video to see how service dog in training Rocky knows how to identify objects & then scroll down to learn how to teach your own dog this task!

All training is done with positive reinforcement. Training should be fun for both the trainer and the pup!

Service dog in training learns to identify objects

Training time! 🐾

How do you teach your dog to identify objects? Learn in a few simple steps!

service dog in training sniffing a book in order to learn how to identify objectsWhen beginning to teach your dog how to identify objects, start by introducing them to just one object. This could be anything from a toy, to slippers, or a spoon. In this case it is a book. While you’re holding the object and your dog begins to sniff, say, “book” and give them a treat. Repeat this step 3 times.

service dog in training sniffing a cup so that he can learn to identify objectsNow, introduce the next object in the same manner. While holding only the second object (in this case, it is a cup) allow your dog to sniff the cup, say, “cup” and give them a treat. Repeat this step 3 times.

service dog in training being shown two objects so that he can identify the correct object when askedNow, while holding both items, show your dog both items at the same time while saying, “show me the book!” (like shown in the video above.) If your dog gets it correctly, great! Give them a treat. If not, put the incorrect item behind your back and allow them to choose the correct one (with it being their only option) and give them a treat.

This exercise can be difficult for dogs to perform for a long time, keep training sessions short. You can teach your one or two new objects per day.

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