Keep Your Pets Safe on Valentine’s Day

Keep Your Pets Safe on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about showing your appreciation to those that you love…

So be sure to keep your pets safe during this time as well! Here are a few things to avoid leaving around your pets to keep your furry family members safe:

  • Xylitol – this is a sugarless sweetener that is in many candies and gums. It is TOXIC to pets.
  • Decorations – discarded ribbons and wrapping paper can be trouble for curious pets.
  • Candles – a romantic dinner can become a fire hazard when pets and candles mix.
  • Flowers – while bouquets are lovely, certain flowers are deadly to pets.
  • Chocolates – it’s commonly known, but no chocolates for pets.

Always know what your dog is doing, so that you can rest assured they won’t partake in any mischief.

What’s something that you thought was safe for dogs, but you later found out wasn’t? Share with us on our Facebook page.

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