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Are you interested in serving as a committee leader for Deafinitely Dogs!? We’re looking for strong and dedicated team members to head our building, fundraising, public awareness, and volunteer committees. A member of the Deafinitely Dogs! Board participates on every committee.

Building Committee

Due to the success of Deafinitely Dogs!, we have outgrown our current location! Over the next one to five years, this committee will search for and solicit space, building, or land donations. Then, they’ll make recommendations to the board.

Fundraising Committee

This committee assists with our five major annual fundraising events. The fundraising committee is responsible for meeting/exceeding fundraising goals, creating new fundraising avenues, and assisting our applicants with fundraising, as needed.

Public Awareness Committee

The Public Awareness Committee will use their outstanding creativity, communication, and marketing skills to spread the word about Deafinitely Dogs! mission and services. Volunteers will actively engage in community outreach & education on a variety of topics including the Deafinitely Dogs! mission and vision, service dog and access education, and more.

Volunteer Committee

As we have shared many times already, volunteers are the key to Deafinitely Dogs! success. Our Volunteer Committee is responsible for recruit, training, communicating, and coordinating with our amazing team of Deafinitely Dogs! volunteers.