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Service dogs are expensive, costing around $22,000-$25,000 in the first two years of training. Deafinitely Dogs! is just as concerned for the mental and physical wellbeing of the dogs as for the approved applicant—that’s why the fundraising process is so important.

Developing a Bond

By going through the fundraising process together we have the opportunity to bond with approved applicants and learn more about them which helps us to recognize cues and train their service dog to recognize those cues and adequately care for their human.

Fundraising together shows that applicants are willing to actively participate in the process involved in getting their service dog. We feel very strongly that every applicant becomes a part of the Deafinitely Dogs! family.

How Much Money Needs to be Raised?

Deafinitely Dogs! asks that each approved applicant raise at least $10,000 for the cost for the first two years of training for their service dog.

How to Raise Funds

After an applicant is approved for a Service Dog through Deafinitely Dogs! the fundraising begins. The first step toward fundraising is having a meeting to plan the fundraising campaign. Deafinitely Dogs! is happy to help provide fundraising ideas and has many options available that are tried and true methods of raising funds.

  • Individual sponsors have the privilege to name a puppy for donations of $1,000
  • Corporate sponsors have the privilege to name a puppy for donations of $2,500
  • Sponsors have the privilege to name an entire litter for donations of $10,000

If you want to discuss an idea, we are happy to help! Contact us if you need help with holding a fundraiser.