What Makes a Good Service Dog?

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Not all dogs are suitable for assistance dog work. Deafinitely Dogs! carefully chooses dogs for our training program and, whenever possible, selects dogs purposefully bred for service work.

Additionally, we select puppies whose parents have had health and genetic testing to screen for hereditary diseases and other health issues that could limit a dog’s physical fitness for service work.


service dog in training waiting in line at the grocery store

The dogs we bring into our training program and place in our clients homes need to have outstanding temperaments. We typically work with golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, and mixed breeds like goldendoodles and labradoodles in our program, as dogs from these breeds typically thrive and work happily. Deafinitely Dogs! also maintains close relationships with several local rescue organizations who look out for rescue dogs that meet our criteria so we can evaluate them for inclusion in our intensive training program.



Deafinitely Dogs! chooses dogs based on our clients specific needs, allergies, and living situations. Clients do not pick the breed, sex, color, or other physical attributes of their assistance dogs. Instead, our dogs choose their human partners. Human-canine partnerships are based on the dogs ability and joy in performing helpful tasks to increase a persons independence.