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How Your Support Helps

Your donations and support can help service dogs and their recipients improve their lives in what can sometimes seem like small ways, but are very meaningful.

What You Can Do to Help

Deafinitely Dogs!, and those with disabilities applying for a dog, need your help!  On average, just the first two years of training takes $22,000-$25,000. There are many ways you can donate and support, including (but not limited to):

Making a Miracle

Having a service dog can make all the difference in a life—allowing people to live with more independence and freedom.

Your donations help to support the ~35 dogs currently in training and nearly 10 current working service teams. However, the reach extends well beyond these 10 teams. Each service dog can impact not only the lives of the recipient and their immediate family, but everyone else—sometimes up to hundreds of people—in their extended circle of friends and family.