Nick & Emily: Expert Puppy Raisers

Nick & Emily: Expert Puppy Raisers

We call Nick and Emily our “super” puppy raisers. They’ve been raising puppies for Deafinitely Dogs! for more than four years.

Emily first learned about Deafinitely Dogs! while at work. We were invited to speak at her office and mentioned we’re looking for people to help raise puppies into service dogs. Emily, who had no experience with dog training at the time, submitted her application that day and she and Nick have never looked back. They are currently training their third service dog for Deafinitely Dogs!.

Preparing service puppies

Nick and Emily train puppies from about eight weeks old to 18 months old. During their time with the puppies, they teach them basic manners, such as how to be obedient and comfortable around people. They take their puppies everywhere with them, and give them as many experiences as possible. Nick and Emily say it’s always difficult to part with the puppies they raise, but it’s rewarding at the same time.

Tucker meets Axel

Nick and Emily raised Tucker, a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) service dog who is partnered with Axel. On graduation day, when they handed over Tucker’s leash to Axel and Ashlyn Lincoln, the made lifelong friends in the new service dog owners. As hard as it was to give up Tucker, seeing the difference they made in Axel’s family was one of the most rewarding experiences they’ve had as pupper raisers so far.

If you attend a Deafinitely Dogs! event, it’s likely you’ll meet Nick and Emily. They help recruit and mentor new puppy raisers for Deafinitely Dogs!. We hope you get to meet them!

Nick says raising service animals for Deafinetely Dogs! is the most selfless thing he’s done…while being completely selfish. They love training the puppies, meeting the recipients, and seeing the impact they make in the people’s lives.

To learn more about becoming a SUPER Puppy Raiser please click here!



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