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Facility Dogs

Like service dogs, facility dogs are another type of working dog. Facility dogs partner with human handlers to work with individuals or groups of people outside their homes in a facility setting. Unlike service dogs, facility dogs do not have universal access to public spaces and do not live at the facility but go home with their person each day.

How Facility Dogs Help

Facility dogs can provide a sense of calm, comfort, and safety to individuals dealing with stressful situations in a therapy environment.  

Chihuahua and labradoodle laying together

Who is Eligible for a Facility Dog?

These dogs help in a variety of environments such as:

  • Behavior and/or special needs classrooms
  • Courthouses
  • Health care facilities
  • Educational settings
  • Funeral homes
  • Residential care facilities
  • Counselors and mental health providers

Learn how to apply for a facility dog.