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PTSD and psychiatric service dogs are trained to help military veterans, first responders, victims of traumatic life events (e.g. sexual assault), or others living with mental illness as long as it is considered a disability under ADA. These amazing canine partners are trained to:

  • Interrupt anxiety. PTSD and psychiatric dogs are taught to nudge, lick, or paw their person when they notice agitation or anxiety. This interruption assures their person that they are not alone and will be okay.
  • Stop nightmares or flashbacks. Re-living the trauma in a dream or nightmare can be paralyzing. PTSD and psychiatric dogs are trained to wake their person to stop the nightmares and turn on the lights in a darkened room to assure their person they are home and safe.
  • Offer companionship and reduce isolation. PTSD and psychiatric dogs give assistance, but also unconditional, non-judgmental love to their people. Having a highly trained, furry friend by their side significantly reduces isolation.

Deafinitely Dogs is honored to be a part of helping those who need assistance with community integration after a tragic event in their lives.

Deafinitely Dogs! will evaluate applications, do home visits and place dogs in homes deemed to be the best fit for both the individual/family and the dog.

If you think a service dog is a good match for your needs, contacting us is your next step. Fill out the form below to be automatically e-mailed the full application.