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We are excited to announce our new campus program with Loras College!

Loras College’s newly founded DuDawgs club is a service and facility dog training club comprised of incredibly gifted and highly motivated students. The DuDawgs club will have members puppy raise for Deafinitely Dogs! with the goal being that the puppy graduates to help a person with a disability live more independently. Club members get to learn training techniques using positive reinforcement while living with and training a future service dog! The club also educates people on the proper etiquette when interacting with service dogs and the laws that protect the working dogs.



The first DuDawg is on campus! More service dogs in training are expected to be on campus in Fall 2021.

Deafinitely Dogs! is thrilled to be working with Loras College and the DuDawgs club!

Check back for updates!

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