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Become Part of a Story

Name a puppy or a litter as an unique way to honor a loved one, pet, family member, or special memory.

Puppies at Deafinitely Dogs! are named with a purpose. When you name a puppy, you become part of the success story between humans and their canine partner.

Read about the meaning behind SDiT Teigen’s name here.

yellow and chocolate lab by train tracks

Benefits of Naming a Puppy

Each dog is placed in our puppy yearbook. As someone who names a puppy, you will receive:

  • A picture of the puppy
  • Updates on the puppy during training
  • Notification of dog career placement
  • Invitation to the graduation ceremony and a chance to meet the recipient

If you name a litter, you’ll also receive a framed photo of the puppies at eight weeks.

litter of yellow labradorsGive to Name a Puppy

Individual donations of $1,000 or corporate donations of $2,500 allows you to name a puppy that is trained and connected with their canine partner. This helps the dog and the recipient work together to make each other’s lives better. $10,000 gives you the opportunity to name an entire litter of puppies.

Guidelines for Naming

It’s recommended that you choose a name that the dog can easily recognize. Animals respond better to one or two syllables. It’s best to avoid names that can interfere with training such as common names, offensive or inappropriate names, and names that sound like common commands (i.e. The name “Joe” sounds like “no.”)


Ideas for Names

Choose a name for a dog or a litter of dogs. This is your chance to get creative! Examples of ideas for making a name for a dog include:

  • A letter of the alphabet
  • Family names
  • Favorite movie or book
  • The dog’s breed heritage

If you’re a company, you can choose important products or names of people who have been instrumental to the success of your organization.

Donate online or contact us to name a puppy or litter.