Seeking Liz’s Future Partner

Seeking Liz’s Future Partner

 In 2007, a baby girl was born in a remote part of China.

Liz spent the first 18 months of her life in an orphanage. Her albinism (lack of pigmentation) meant that she looked very different from the other children in the orphanage. She didn’t receive the same nurturing and care there, which led to some developmental delays.

Liz finds her family

Despite the circumstances, Liz’s future parents knew she would complete their family. After six long months of paperwork, Liz arrived in the United States to join her loving family. She finally began receiving the medical care and attention she needed to thrive and grow.

Today, Liz is legally blind and has no depth perception, in addition to sensory processing disorder. Because of these diagnoses, loud noises, strange environments, and new situations can cause her alarm and stress. A service dog will be a great solution to increase Liz’s comfort and independence.

On the lookout for Liz’s dog

One problem: Even though she wanted a service dog, Liz was afraid of dogs and scared to have her own. Deafinitely Dogs! provided her the support she needed, connecting her with an advocate dog to help make her more comfortable with dogs. We’re currently in the process of connecting Liz with a dog who will be the perfect partner for her and we’ll be here to help her with fundraising. When that dog is ready, Liz will be ready, too!

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