Megan’s Mission for Self-Care

Megan’s Mission for Self-Care

Megan first came to Deafinitely Dogs! when she was in her early 20s and a college student. Suffering from extreme anxiety and depression, Megan had been doing research on service dogs but didn’t feel she would be able to travel to seek help.

Then she happened to see a local news story about Deafinitely Dogs! and was thrilled to learn that there was a local service dog organization that could help.

When Megan met Epic

Megan came to Deafinitely Dogs!, where we followed our usual process. We introduced her to a couple of dogs and let them interact. We let our dogs choose, and it was clear that Epic picked Megan. It was an instant bond.

Epic, a labradoodle, was already incredibly intuitive and with training from the staff at Deafinitely Dogs!, he gained the skills to recognize Megan’s symptoms and respond. For example, Megan’s increasing anxiety could be alleviated by Epic applying weighted pressure to her.

How Epic helps Megan

Megan has a great outside support network, but being alone at night with anxiety and panic attacks was the most worrisome for her. During the training and fundraising process, Megan decided the best fit for her was a service dog at home that doesn’t have public access – a skilled companion.

Epic has been partnered as a skilled companion with Megan for over two years, and both are thriving. Megan is in a strong place emotionally, and Epic gives Megan the tools to be able to mitigate the symptoms of her depression and anxiety. In fact, Megan has become a mentor to other young people who suffer from anxiety.

Megan becomes a mentor

Megan became a counselor at a kids’ summer camp where she met Maddy, a young woman with similar symptoms. Megan was able to share her story in a way that reached Maddy and allowed her to get the help she needed.

Today Megan is a young professional, going to grad school and enjoying a full life. She’s grateful for the support from Epic, appreciates being a part of the Deafinitely Dogs! family, and feels strongly about helping others through the process to reach so they can also get the support they need.

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